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Tuesday, 29.12.2015 - 16:57 pm

MTM S8 782 hp

hello Mr Mayer and Sebastian,
having covered 15000km over the last 5 months, I must say the car really drives fantastic!
the accerelation over 200kmh is impressive and ... addictive.
Also my compliments for the team, certainly Sebastian, who was very helpfull and organised the airport transfers.
If any new developments are coming, please keep me informed.
thx again

Tuesday, 27.01.2015 - 11:40 am

Audi S1

Having owned an S3 since 2003 and having had MTM work their magic on it with c17,000 miles and it still going strong in my fathers hands at 218,000 miles, I was itching too let them get their hands on my S1. With just over 5,000 miles on, I was fairly comfortable in that it was by now nicely run in, so off it went too QST UK.
Kim and his fellow mechanics have a quality set up here and my mind was yet again at easy too hand over the keys.
OMG! What a difference! Power is now at 306 BHP (up 79 BHP!) and Torque is up by 57ft/Ibs too just shy of 330ft/Ibs. Not the cheapest, but by far the best....and the bonus? Fuel consumption isn't affected if you drive normally, though on the exceptions that you do have a heavy foot, it still returns 32mpg+!
Thanks guys!

Tuesday, 05.06.2012 - 10:28 am

2012 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI - tuned with MTM M-Cantronic to 170 bhp/380 nm

Dear MTM, Just a warm thanks for a brillant product! The increase of 50 hp and 90 nm is really noticable - especially in the mid-range between 2 000 - 4 000 rpm. The diesel engine is now much more flexible and strong - in many ways feel like a TFSI engine :-) Fuel consumption is a tad up though, but if you drive with a very light food, I still manage 0.45l per 10 km as per Audi's specifications... A huge advantage with Cantronic is that is does not set any electronic traces unlike ECU re-map so if you have any warranty issues, you can simply remove it (albeit a bit cumbersome) and voila - untraceable. Great product for a great car. Will definitively use you for my next car as well! Cheers from Christian, Norway

Thursday, 22.07.2010 - 4:07 am

Audi RS4 2007 sedan with MTM supercharger

I have been delighted with the performance and sound of your supercharger kit along with the sport exhaust, upgraded clutch/lightweight flywheel and 19" MTM rims I have had installed on my 2007 Audi RS4 sedan. I drive a Porsche 993 Turbo and a Porsche 996 Turbo cabriolet car in the summer, both tuned to over 650HP, with the RS4 being my winter car, but I still enjoy driving the RS4 in the summer-just to hear the twin-screw supercharger system scream! The tuning was well worth the wait with a professional coordination and installation by MTM Canada/Horchaus and Francois Beaumont who handled the transaction for me here in the USA. One question: I am ordering an Audi R8V10 and I know of existing tuning you offer for the naturally aspirated V10, as well as a twin turbo conversion (? using the hardware from the RS6 for the modification) which I hear might not be available for North America. Do you plan to offer a supercharger conversion for the R8V10 as I would be most interested in such a kit if you ever developed one for that motor? Many thanks. Allen D. Pettee, MD Rochester, NY USA

Saturday, 25.04.2009 - 16:03 pm

Audi TT Roadster (8j) 2.0 Tfsi

Thanks to Stefan and to MTM team. Items received are perfect. The service provided was very efficent. Great communication and fast delivery! Thanks for all

Tuesday, 14.04.2009 - 14:10 pm

Audi A5 1.8TFSI Sport

I would just like to give my sincerest thanks to the team at MTM. From my initial enquirey to receiving my purchase, the service provided was very professional & efficent. Delivery was very swift. May I give a special thanks to Patricia Linz, a most delightful lady to do business with, Cheers.

Monday, 30.03.2009 - 11:52 am

Audi R8

Hello Stefan,

I have to share my feelings with you about my R8 that was tuned up by mtm yesterday

I drove it for like 400 km and the result is way better than I thought it possibly could be. It´s just stunning.

The sound is spectacular and the noise it makes during gear changes makes me laugh like mad.

And it´s quicker, too, especially in the fifth and sixth gear, where it responses better to the gas pedal than before.

Hope my excitement will last.

Send my regards to Andy.

Greetings from Prague,


Tuesday, 10.02.2009 - 15:36 pm

Audi RS6 C6

Good morning MR. Linke I want to say you thanks a lot. First for your immediately and professional support, second and most important for yours great products that are easy to mount and incredible efficient. I tried the terrible increase in power from 580 to 730 hp of the RS6 c6.
It is amazing, it is seem like you are in first gear at whatever speed you are going, when you push down the right pedal the torque response is impressive so you have to do a period of apprenticeship before you understand how many meters you cover in a small time. Thanks to all MTM team and best regards. Davide from ROME

Friday, 10.10.2008 - 15:19 pm



I've just had the MTM exhaust system fitted to my S5 and it's fantastic! It looks and sounds great.

Thanks to Milan at TCCA in Sydney.

I've taken a few pictures and would love to send them to you.

Please let me know if you'd like to see.



Friday, 06.06.2008 - 21:35 pm

Audi A4 B8 sline 3.0 TDI Quattro

Hello !

I just want to tell my satisfaction to buy an MTM Cantronic by the way of MTM France (Thanks to F Mr Frédéric L'Huillier!!).

Easy to install, very beautiful box and good explainations to put on the Cantronic.

And finally a real pleasure to drive my new car with a real great new power !!

Best regards

Arnaud COSTA

Monday, 26.05.2008 - 23:08 pm

Audi Allroad Quattro 2.7T Bi turbo

Dealer Alexander Junius in Quickborn (D)
has given my Allroad wings.
What amazing power does is have now.

Thank you Herr Junius for the good service! And MTM for the great preformance!

If someone is looking for a nice GTI Mk3... Junius has one


Monday, 26.11.2007 - 20:04 pm

Skoda Octavia 2 RS 2.0TFSI

I installed the 310ps kit and i am satisfied 100%!!!!
The car is amazing and so far is the best tuned Octavia in Greece :))

Thank you MTM!!!!

p.s I'm waiting for the next stage :P

Tuesday, 31.07.2007 - 13:52 pm

Audi Rs4 B5 mtm

I have just got my Audi Rs4 back from qst it is mtm chipped with 520 bhp it moves like a rocket.
Thanks to mtm

Saturday, 05.05.2007 - 2:43 am

2007 RS4 (Stock)

I am in awe of the works of MTM. The only time I have seen a vehicle that MTM has blessed with their magic, was when I was in Germany. It was an Audi S4 on the highway, and it seemed unstoppable. I have just ordered an RS4 which should arrive in Canada late summer.

I have contacted a MTM partner for information regarding tuning a new RS4 upwards of 600+ horsepower. MTM is currently developing a twin turbo 4.2 liter, however, when they were contacted regarding my request. They stated it was not feasible.

My wish is for MTM to produce a serious performance upgrade package for the new RS4. Some believe the stock car is enough. I do not think MTM agrees, and therefore, I hope they use some of the research from the BiTurbo 4.2 project and bring it to production for use on the new RS4s. Owners like me will greatly appreciate it.

Long live MTM!

Thursday, 27.07.2006 - 10:06 am


Hi Wolfgang,

I finally had my carbon fiber hood installed today and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The hood is incredible...

My installer had it on the car, with no modifications, in less than an hour. He's installed a LOT of carbon fiber hoods and he said this was the best one he's ever seen or installed. Please pass that info on to your engineers or whomever is responsible--excellent work as I expected.

Thanks again,


Saturday, 15.04.2006 - 14:42 pm

Audi A3 Sportsback

I swap my Milltek turboback for the MTM and I did not regret a single bit! Its totally awesome! Be it in terms of built quality and performance. You guys can claim this for your exhaust "BLOW YOUR MIND NOT YOUR EARS!"

Thursday, 23.03.2006 - 17:50 pm

Exhaust system Audi A8 D3 W12

I'm really more than happy with your job; I don't need the old exhausts anymore.

Thanks for everything.
Edward Queffelec

Wednesday, 06.04.2005 - 1:00 am

a4 18.T fwd

i did the stage one chip upgrade on my 99 a4 at hooppen motorsports in sarasota-fl usa and i loved it the car is great and the service i received was excellent. thanks for all

Friday, 24.09.2004 - 1:00 am

RS6 Sedan

Thank you very much guys! And special thanks to Roland who came to Kazakstan to fix everything on my car. The result is just great! Mercedes E 55AMG and S600 Bi-turbo are down! RS6 forever!!!

Wednesday, 16.06.2004 - 1:00 am


greet work guys,looking forward to see your work in Saudi Arabia.

Friday, 29.08.2003 - 1:00 am

MTM Work

Guys i LoVe HorsePower SO i LoVe your WORK & i LoVe you ALL
God Pless you all

Bader ALShumais

Wednesday, 27.08.2003 - 1:00 am

Audi S4 Avant

While browsing through the Audi listings on eBay this afternoon I stumbled across an S4 Avant with an interesting quote.
Within the ad description it states, "By far the most awesome feature, though, is the MTM stage 3 chip which gives the puts this S4 into a different class compared to those who have the cheesy APR ECU. I tried the multi-function 3 program ECU before upgrading to the MTM chip (which cost about $2400 more), so I can say by virtue of personal comparison that this is a totally different machine with the MTM chip in it. "

Wednesday, 27.08.2003 - 1:00 am

VW Beetle

Hello! I just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know I'm extremely happy with the MTM exhaust you installed on my Beetle! The exhaust note is exactly what I was looking for. On top of that the car feels a bit more responsive, especially at higher rpms. Power doesn't seem to fall off as abruptly now as it did with the stock system. All in all, a high quality piece!
Thanks for the prompt, courteous service enabling me to get in and out and back home in a very short time. Until next time, Javan Troyer

Wednesday, 27.08.2003 - 1:00 am

Audi Allroad

Hi Folks: I just received my car Friday. I wanted to tell you what an absolutely terriffic job I think you did. The road behavior is just superb, yet it wilt still take me to my vacation place, which entails travel over rutted roads and through cow pastures. I haven't had my foot in it (very much!) yet, but it has all the earmarks of a real screamer. I, of course, eagerly await the last 30 hp when the exhaust mods arrive. Anyway, thanks for everything, this is the finest car I have ever owned. and as good as anything I've ridden in. Jack Grover

Monday, 24.03.2003 - 1:00 am

Audi Allroad

It's been a week since I've had my 2001, 6-speed, Audi allroad back from your shop.
Let me tell you that the money I spent on the MTM Exhaust and 320 HP Stage II ECU upgrade was worth every penny! The initial MTM Stage I ECU upgrade (282 HP) was a good start; however, it always felt like the engine was being held back a bit. Acceleration performance seemed to be inconsistent. Sometimes it felt amazingly quick and sometimes it felt laggy and constricted. The bottom line was that it left me longing for more.
I've now had the chance to take my newly improved allroad out on the back roads and let me tell you, there's nothing inconsistent, laggy or constricted about this MTM Stage II allroad. The first thing I noticed when I fired it up was the exhaust note - a nice growl without being loud or obnoxious. It's nice to actually hear the sound of the 2.7 bi-turbo V-6 as it's accelerating. This is a performance engine that doesn't deserve to be fully muffled! It almost sounds like there's a V-8 under the hood!
Aural aesthetics aside, lefs get down to performance. This Stage II allroad is now scary quick and fast! Thanks to MTM's superb exhaust system, the Stage II ECU upgrade and the MTM Sport By-pass Valves, the constricted feeling I described in the earlier incarnation of my car is now gone. My allroad now feels eager to accelerate, pulling smoothly from low RPMs and fully kicking in at about 3000 RPM as I mash the throttle. The newly infused turbo pulls strongly all the way to redline without any of the flat spots that were evident before. Hoppen's estimated 0-60 time is 6.3 seconds. I haven't timed it but I don't doubt it based on the fact that 1 always have to back off since I tend hit 100 mph very quickly during these acceleration "tests". A very satisfying experience is accelerating from the higher gears such as 5th and 6th. There's usually no need to shift down, even for aggressive freeway speed passing. Once the turbo kicks in, it will pull, no matter what gear you're in. However, downshift a gear, mash the throttle and feel the grin on your face grow as you accelerate at a white knuckle rate. From the engine performance perspective, I am happy and my longing for more power has been satiated, at least until I can afford the significant investment it will take to go to 420HPI ^)
Another addition was the replacement of the rear swaybar with an 18mm Audi A6 PKS version. This, in combination with the lowered suspension, MTM 15mm wheel spacers and Michellin Pilot A/S Sports that were installed by you earlier, have really increased my allroad's handling capability in the twisties. The high-speed bounciness and cornering induced body roll have been significantly reduced and my allroad now instills a sense of confidence in both the straights and corners.
I can finally say that I am totally happy with the way my allroad performs across the board. I now have my ultimate vehicle, a great looking wagon that will out perform many sport sedans and get me (and all my gear) to the ski resorts with speed, confidence, comfort and last but definitely not least, style.
Terry, I can't say enough about you and your shop, Griffin Motowerke. You and your team rock! Whether it's been my Porsche or my Audi, you have never steered me wrong and have always given me the best recommendations for reliable performance. I highly recommend all Bay Area Audi, WV and Porsche enthusiasts to seek you out for your divine wisdom.
One more point. For any readers who are contemplating performance modifications for their Audi or VW, MTM should be your your choice. MTM to Audi and VW is the equivalent ofAMG to Mercedes. Go to and check out the credentials for yourself. Accept no substitute and remember, you get what you pay for.
Rev on! IT

Monday, 24.03.2003 - 1:00 am

Audi Allroad

Hi Folks. I just received my car Friday. 1 wanted to tell you what an absolutely terriffic job I think you did. TTie road behavior is just superb, yet it will still take me to my vacation place, which entails travel over rutted roads and through cow pastures. I haven't had my foot in it (very much!) yet, but it has all the earmarks of a real screamer. !, of course, eagerly await the last 30 hp when the exhaust mods arrive. Anyway, thanks for everything, this is the finest car I have ever owned, and as good as anything I've ridden in. Jack Grover

Friday, 21.03.2003 - 1:00 am

Audi S4 Quattro

I wanted to say thank you for your time, hospitality, and of course service on my Audi S4 Quattro, yesterday.
To have a company provide immediate on-site service without prior notice is a mark of a quality service oriented business and a company that I will recommend to all my Audi friends. The quality workmanship that you perform and products that you market have maintained the civil side of my Audi, yet provided a substantial performance gain in both torque and horsepower.
Second, I must say that it is my good fortune to have had the opportunity to talk to you Joe. I truly appreciate your time that you took from your schedule in sharing of your experience and photos of Porsche and Audi racing ventures. It all really brought back fond memories for me. Also, thank you for the copies of the magazines (Audi Quarterly's) that you provided me.
No question, you will see me again in friendship and for more of your fine Audi performance enhancements. I love them.

Audi S4

Racing the Audi S4

I hope that you have been made aware through Joe Hoppen of my race team's recent success racing the S4 in the Grand-Am Cup in the United States. We certainly feel that our cars performance on the track is a direct relationship to useing your products on our Audi.
Our first place finish at the Six Hour of Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada last weekend is a testament to the strengh and reliability of your components couple to the rigors of a six hour race. We have run eight 3 hour and one six hour race so far this season and the cars engine and management system have performend perfectly.

Our race win at Virginia International Raceway in August moved us into third place in team points in the series.

Thank you again for the opportunity. We proudly race the Audi and likewise are proud to perform under the MTM banner

Audi A4

Seth Thomas, Seattle, WA USA
Very interested in your A4 GTR motor, and all-wheel drive that was described in the 1999 winter VW Power magizine.

Audi A4

Fernando Ferreira, Montreal, Canada
MTM has the best and most desirable products for my Audi A4.