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MTM test center

MTM-Power shown on DIN A4

Trust is good, but control is better! A saying that also holds true in the world of high-speed. It applies to a time when engines were still "souped-up" and a tuned muffler provided the acoustic proof of high performance. That was then - MTM is now. In the data sheets and brochures of MTM GmbH in Wettstetten, located just outside the city of Ingolstadt, performance data is measured and recorded with a performance limit of 1000 HP or 735 kW, on two state-of-the-art performance test benches (MAHA LPS 3000) for 4-wheel drive vehicles. An extensive measuring program documents all important performance data like RPM, torque, speed, and traction, along with oil and water temperatures. All data will be recorded numerically or, on request, graphically. During the test run, an air conditioning system with corresponding cooling fan provides varying, yet steady, "weather conditions" for the aggregate. High-tech for the machine, before it takes to the road.

"The test record gives the customer the safety, which they are always entitled to expect and receive from our products," explains Roland Mayer, Managing Director of MTM. And he adds, "This was not merely a financial investment, but rather an investment in mutual trust."

Max. wheel base: 305 cm
Min. wheel base: 230 cm
Max. width: 211 cm (outer side tire)
Max. height: 239 cm

Price list MTM test bench

Performance measuring for all-wheel incl. chart
155,00 EUR plus VAT
Performance measuring for front and rear motor vehicle incl. chart
95,00 EUR plus VAT
Test bench adjustment
410,00 EUR plus VAT
Application hour
145,00 EUR plus VAT
Per rig up and take down of motor vehicles
81,00 EUR plus VAT
More work, troubleshooting
80,00 EUR plus VAT